Next stop: Central station.

I’m aware of that the people around me are thinking “What’s wrong with her?” when they see me taking pictures of every doorknob and every tree, like a freaking tourist. But today someone finally had the guts to come and talk to me!! So, I’m at the Central Station taking pictures and stuff, when suddenly there’s this guy standing next to me. Out of nowhere! He asks me what I’m doing, so I tell him that I’m taking pictures for my blog. Then he just stares at me and goes “You are german” (definitely not a question!) I didn’t know if I should be impressed that he noticed it so fast or just be scared! Finally he asks me what my blog is called and after I tell him he says “You should name it julejesuslovesyou. Because he does! God bless you, Jule.” I just stare back at him with a big fat question mark on my face. And then he’s gone. WTF? Who’s freaky now…

© Jule Helmke


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