My childhood.

When I was little we had this great book called Seven Wild Pigs by Helme Heine. It was so funny, I’m pretty sure my parents had to read a lot out of it! ;) I still know some of the rhymes by heart, they always made me laugh so much :)

“Wunderbar schmeckt Apfelsaft,
stillt den Durst und gibt dir Kraft.
Doch Apfelsaft ist großer Mist,
wenn er ausgesoffen ist.” Helme Heine, Apfelsaft


Here is a free translation, I couldn’t find an english version.

“Apple juice tastes wonderful,
quenches the thirst and makes you strong.
But apple juice is great crap
if the bottle’s empty yet.” Helme Heine, Apple juice



© Jule Helmke



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