The Colors of a Rainbow: Part 1.

Why not have a little theme for a while? Recently I was looking through my pictures and noticed that most of them were in pretty bright colors, so let’s color coordinate them! Sounds like fun right? ;)


“Red is the warmest of all colors. Red is the color most chosen by extroverts and one of the top picks of males. On the negative side red can mean temper or anger. In China, red is the color of prosperity and joy. Brides wear red and front doors are often painted red. Red is Tuesday’s color. Red roses symbolize passionate love. Ruby rings should be worn on the left hand. Red is the color of Mars. This planet is known as the God of War.”Crystal Cure

© Jule Helmke


5 thoughts on “The Colors of a Rainbow: Part 1.

  1. What a nice idea for a series of post!
    And it’s a great way of sharing more of your photos. I’m looking forward to see more.
    The photo of the turtle is so cute :)

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