I’m looking forward to easier times. I’m not saying better times because my life isn’t a living hell. It’s just that making life changing decisions every other day can be so exhausting and hard. My mind is tired. I can’t keep track of how many days have passed. I lost my sight on where I am right now, and where was I about to go? If my life was google maps, it couldn’t find me. 0 search results. Please check your searching term. If I only knew what to look for to find my needle on the map. But I know that change is just around the corner. It always is. As my mother used to say “Without difficulties life would be boring”. And I know she’s right. But one boring day is all I’m asking for right now.

© Jule Helmke


6 thoughts on “Change.

  1. I have sat here for several minutes trying to find the right words. Ones that may be of comfort to someone whose situation I am completely ignorant of. I have been in this “waiting for a change” situation many times. My thoughts go out to you. And when the change comes, I hope it is to your liking, or at least is tolerable enough.

    This may sound juvenile, but when things like this happened to me several years ago, I carried around a small rock in my pocket with the word “change” engraved in it. What a comfort it was to reach in my pocket, grab the rock, and be reminded of “change,” knowing that it was on it’s way. A comforting reminder. Anyway, peace.

    • Thank you so much for this comment!! This was so inspiring to me. At first I struggled with me if I should upload this post or not. But now I’m really glad that I did! :)
      Thank you so much!

  2. So many people are in a similar situation. It’s funny cause we often find ourselves alone in thinking this but truthfully, you’re not the only one. Reach out if you need to. Find comfort in the unknown by traveling with a companion. Perhaps not in the physical, but mentally approach each and everyday with someone in a similar situation. Good luck finding your ways.

  3. I learned that the change is always positive and happens for a (good) reason. You’ll figure out, don’t think to much about it ;-)

  4. I think you are about to have many boring days ahead ;) I mean change is now upon you!!! So much easier said when you can see around the corner what is next. I am looking forward to my change….anticipating what it might be… but you are right, life usually changes us for good as long as we choose to let it change us for the positive.

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