The Alphabet: ABC

Better late than never, here it comes: Part 1 of the series The Alphabet! Enjoy :)


“A” is not only the first letter of the alphabet but also the first vowel. It is a very significant letter because it represents the beginning of the alphabet. From it all else flows. The letter resonates with very strong vibrations that give its characteristics more strength. da juana byrd

© Jule Helmke


 “B,” the second letter of the alphabet, is not a particularly strong letter. The bearer of this letter in their name is more easily influenced by others. They tend to be very emotional even though they want the best for everyone.da juana byrd

© Jule Helmke


“C,” the third letter of the alphabet, represents energy.

These are good-humored people who are willing to help you if they can. Their genial, lighthearted spirit makes you feel good when you are around them. Carefree but cheerful, they may have you thinking twice with their dry sense of humor. da juana byrd

© Jule Helmke


12 thoughts on “The Alphabet: ABC

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  2. I really like the DoF on the first one, the colors on the second and the composition for the last one. Well done!

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