The Alphabet: GHI.

Welcome to part 3 of The Alphabet! For this part I decided to be a little bit more artsy ;) A big ‘Thank you’ goes to my roommate who nearly broke her flashlight while writing beautiful letters in complete darkness, I hope our neighbors didn’t see us!!

Click here if you missed Part 1 or Part 2.



“G” represents philosophy. People with a “G” in their name probably like to educate themselves in all aspects of religion. Some do not stick with just one belief but want to know the whole of religion and what makes it tick. Anything transcendental harbors fascination for them. da juana byrd

© Jule Helmke


Their hunger for power usually leads to a lonely existence for a person with an “H” in his name. This is no problem for the “H.” He or she usually prefers it. da juana byrd

© Jule Helmke


“I,” the third vowel, is very strong. It represents law and courage.

In this case the law does not necessarily mean one who is judgmental. It is more a humanitarian letter. “I’s” are warm hearted and loving. Totally unselfish, they attract others too them. da juana byrd

© Jule Helmke


12 thoughts on “The Alphabet: GHI.

  1. Some things are more suitable to my personality than others. I looked the 4 letters of my name and found some definitions of me:
    i = warm hearted and loving
    n = positive
    e = thoughtful attitude
    s = inspiration

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