Suddenly I see.

It comes slowly. At first you don’t realize it happens. The changes are small in the beginning. But then BOOM! Everything is different. 

That’s how I feel every year when spring arrives. And I love it :) Sure, the weather in unpredictable, one day you are enjoying 30°C on your balcony and the next you are taking out your mittens again because it started to snow outside. But I thing our dear Mother Nature does that on purpose! To make us appreciate the long summer nights, the beautiful flowers all around us, the new ice cream flavors of the season and the happiness that it brings us. Oh, so cheesy ;)

FYI, both pictures were taken in march!

© Jule Helmke


9 thoughts on “Suddenly I see.

  1. Just found your blog – love it! I’m an Arizona girl living in Germany now, and I can appreciate the coming of spring, especially after my first winter here (much longer than what I’m used to). So far spring in Duesseldorf has been a mixed bag of rain and sun. I think the trees got the message long before the weather decided to play along…

      • We moved here for my husband’s work and because the timing was right as far as trying something new. We’re enjoying Duesseldorf, which is very nice (although you’ll notice I write a lot about the weather, which I’m still adjusting to).

        Thanks for following!

    • Well I live in Stockholm and we don’t have so many fields here, but what we have is a lot of botanic gardens! And those are really really pretty. That reminds me, I should go to one soon and look if the flowers started blooming yet :)

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