The same procedure as every year, James.

Yesterday my friend Ashley and me were outside the whole afternoon, enjoying Stockholm’s beautiful spring weather and taking some nice pictures. I haven’t seen so many people on the sidewalks since last year in october! ;) And all seemed to have the same goal: to walk under the cherry trees in Kungsträdsgården!


© Jule Helmke

Every year in late april the trees start to bloom and spoil us with their pretty blossoms for a couple of days, until the wind blows them threw the streets again. So magical :) I think I went every time since I moved to Stockholm. And yesterday was the perfect day to go!

© Jule Helmke

© Jule Helmke

I wonder what it is about cherry trees that makes everyone go “Oh” and “Ah” when they see them. For me it is the light that shines through the blossoms when you are standing under one of the trees.

And with cherry trees all around, bees can’t be far away. This little fellah wanted to take a little break on Ashley’s sweater  :)

© Jule Helmke

So to everyone who wants to visit Stockholm in April, don’t forget to look for the pink trees! ;)


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