Step up 2 the streets – real life.

For six years the Dansens Hus (House of Dance) arranged a dance festival called Urban Connection. It’s a two week event full of workshops, exhibitions and dance battles, which for instance takes place in my beautiful Stockholm :) On the first day a big truck was cruising around Stockholm to let all dancers show off their talent in dance battles.

© Jule Helmke

My room mate and me went to see the Urban Dance Truck yesterday – two hours in the cold to watch people shake their asses, that’s commitment! ;) When we arrived we could hear the music from far away and had to make our way threw the crowd (good pictures are not taken when you stand in the back haha) to see what was going on. It was a battle of two teams, three against three, who were doing some impro dancing.

© Jule Helmke

Then one of each team had a solo dance in the middle of the dance floor so the judges could see who’s the best.

© Jule Hemke

© Jule Helmke

Now it’s time for the show cases! Show case number 1:

© Jule Helmke

© Jule Helmke

© Jule Helmke

Showcase number 2:

© Jule Helmke

© Jule Helmke

I can only speak for myself, but I think it was so much fun! Otherwise my saturday had probably turned out quite boring..  You should all look out for events like this! They are free, they are fun and it’s definitely better than sitting at home watching tv ;)


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