The other side of the coin.

Last weekend I went on a little walk to discover the not so pretty sides of my beautiful Stockholm.

The first things that might come to our mind when we think about “big city” or “capital” are great shopping malls, a lot of restaurants, a lot of social life, a lot of space, great sights. But what we more than often forget is, that it means a lot of inhabitants, a lot of garbage, a lot of party leftovers on the street, a big crime scene  and a lot of homelessness, too.

The first thing, which was the easiest one to discover, was the garbage – of any form and color!

© Jule Helmke


© Jule Helmke


After that came party leftovers like these:

© Jule Helmke


© Jule Helmke


Finding the more darker sides of Stockholm took a lot more work than just visiting dirty subway entrances. I tried to find some creepy hidden alleys, which wasn’t that easy because it’s not on my usual route, but I made it at some point.

© Jule Helmke


© Jule Helmke

The last picture here was kind of a surprise to me. You see I’m pretty near-sighted and I didn’t really see what these fellas were up to until I saw it in detail on my computer screen. And I think that’s why I have a big lens, so that I can zoom in and see things, that I can’t see with my bare eyes. But I thought that this pictures still goes with the topic of this post and I hope that I didn’t make anybody feel uncomfortable and hurt in any way! This is art you know, all about expressing myself ;)






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