Growing up in the middle of nowhere.

Last week I went to my hometown in Germany to visit my family and enjoy the places and things I grew up with. It kind of was a childhood revival trip – that sounds not weird at all ;)

To give you a little taste of what I mean when I say “middle of nowhere”, here is one example:

© Jule Helmke


Jap. That’s home. Population: about 11.000 human beings – and probably 11.000 cows and sheep. It was the perfect place to grow up at, even I would like to raise my children there (if I had any of course).

But the question is: what do you do all day in a place like this? Well this is what I did:

Eating grandmas fruit and vegetables!! Yummie!! I think the proper english word for the red thingies in the picture below is currant, if google translate doesn’t lie.

© Jule Helmke


I borrowed my grandmas bike and joined my mum for a long and nice ride. Since the landscape is pretty flat, it’s no bigger problem to keep going for hours. And on our way, guess who I met? Cows!! :)

© Jule Helmke


One day we even went to the beach! Unfortunately that is not my bucket and shovel :(

© Jule Helmke

And if your are tired of eating, cycling or chilling, you can just take a looooong long long walk on the dike that goes all the way through the town. And further!

© Jule Helmke

So if you happen to need a little break from life, I recommend to switch off your cell phone and computer and enjoy nature! Good Luck :)








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