And then I stayed.

© Jule Helmke

3 years ago today was my first day as an Au Pair. These are some of my very first pictures I took from my new “temporary” home. All of the pictures were taking while a was exploring the neighborhood for the first time.

© Jule Helmke


The wonderful bike, that took my to all of my new favorite places. It was my host father’s but he let me borrow it, whenever I wanted. That will say, always!

© Jule Helmke

The water was never so clear like on this day. At least that’s what I like to tell myself haha But I’m sure it kind of is like that. The first experience (of something wonderful) will always be the best. Or maybe I’m wrong.

© Jule Helmke

Well, and then I stayed.

And I stayed a little bit longer.

And I’m still here!

So what will happen now?

I have no clue. But that’s totally okay :)




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