Human vs Nature.

While my mom was visiting me last week, she pointed out a couple of times that it’s so funny to see how people here “built around nature”. I thought that was a very interesting thought and a great idea for a post! Since then I had the chance to snap some pictures of exactly that; human vs nature.

© Jule Helmke

Rocks in a harbor. Aren’t you afraid to park your boat there? Do we really need a harbor at this specific location? I guess so..


© Jule Helmke

Seems like the border of the property behind the fence goes through the tree. I have to laugh every time I see this :D


© Jule Helmke

But nature doesn’t hold back either. Plants grow where they want to grow. I hope the people living in this house can still enter it in 3 years..






9 thoughts on “Human vs Nature.

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