There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

© Jule Helmke

Last weekend the swedish transport administration opened their gates for visitors, to take a look at the current work on the new subway in Stockholm. It’s suppose to be 6km long and the planned end date for all constructions is 2017, so it’s not quite ready yet.

My friend Yvonne and I arrived at 11.30am (half an hour after the opening) and the queues were already so long that you couldn’t see the entrance. But we were stubborn and waited. And waited. And waited. I think we stand there for about 2 hours, looking back at it now I wonder if it’s worth standing in line to see a wet, dark tunnel, but I suppose it was in that moment!

© Jule Helmke

We got a super flattering bright orange vest and a nice well fitting helmet – not – and of we went on expedition! The idea that we were standing on the very sport on which, in a couple of years, a subway is going to pass by, was so surreal. And the tunnel was huge! I didn’t know at first why it should take 9 years to built a tunnel, but when you are there and see how high the ceiling is or that it’s bare stone you are surrounded by, you begin to understand.. They even left some of the machines in the tunnel for everyone to see.

© Jule Helmke

But I have to say the absolute best thing were the cinnamon buns and the hot tea that you got at the end of the tunnel – speaking of seeing the light ;)

© Jule Helmke


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2 thoughts on “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. Well you say the best thing about it was the cinnamon buns and hot tea, but I’m thinking it had to be that snappy orange vest and very official looking helmet. ;-)

    Seriously though, you did get cool pics. Those huge machines look kinda cool too! :D

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