Run Jule, run! #2

© Jule Helmke

Remember how I said in August, that I’m not Mrs Sporty? Well it seems like I haven’t learned my lesson or understood my limits at all. Because when one of my colleagues asked, if someone would like to have her ticket for the Tjur Ruset, a cross country (more a cross forrest!) run over 10km, of course I had to say Yes. Why? That is still unclear to me. The best thing about it though, was the fact that the run was on saturday – I got the ticket on friday!

Well prepared as I was (cough),  I joined 5000 other crazy people and ran through mud, over and under trees and through slightly slobbery moats. I felt like a pig in wallow… And I’m sure I looked like one, too!

© Jule Helmke

The way home in the subway was hilarious! The guard gave me a plastic bag to sit on and I didn’t dare to take off my number tag, so that people knew why I looked the way I did. But still, people were confused and a tiny bit amused. When I came home and looked in the mirror, I knew why!

© Jule Helmke

But now I’m clean again. And after our caretaker unplugged the shower from leaves and twigs, we can even use that one again! Happy end after all!

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Run Jule, run!


3 thoughts on “Run Jule, run! #2

  1. Looks like that nail polish might need a bit of a touch up Jule. :P

    Well sounds like you made it through this ordeal in one piece. I bet that ride home was hysterical! :D

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