Yesterday my room mate and me went to a manicure/massage/spa place after work. First thing we got were those awesome white slippers, that you can’t walk in but still make you feel like you’re the Queen of Spa! Seriously, where can you buy those?

© Jule Helmke

And when we sat down at our “nail station” I heard her. Enya! I’m a hundred percent sure, that she exclusively makes her music for spas. I’ve never heard her music elsewhere. Except Lord of the Rings.

I was surprised to see quite a few guys there, too! And I had a feeling the employees weren’t so sure about it either. When they called everybody in for their appointment, one of the girls went “Next, Matilda.” Silence. The guy from across answers “No, it’s Martin…” Haha I felt so bad for him. I hope they made his nails as pretty as ours ;)

© Jule Helmke


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