Dirt on my cake.

When I was still living in Germany my mama would make a cake every now and then that we called “molehill-cake”. It basically looks like a big pile of dirt. Delicious! Since I felt a little bit homesick over my birthday, I decided to bake something that reminded me of my birthdays at home. So here we go:

Maulwurfkuchen [“molehill cake”]


© Jule Helmke


100g butter

120g sugar

150g flour

30g kakao

1tsp baking powder

2 eggs

75ml milk

Mix the butter and sugar into a smooth batter and add the rest of the ingredients. Fill a buttered round cake pan with the dough and bake it in the oven for 30 minutes under 170C.

When the cake is done and cooled down, scoop out the middle of the cake (But don’t scoop down all the way to the bottom!!) and keep the crumbles in an extra bowl.


3 bananas

60g chocolate flakes

500ml whipped cream

Slice the bananas in half and put them in the little pool you digged in the cake. Blend the whipped cream with the chocolate flakes and top it on the bananas. Now you can crumble the cakecrumbles that you saved in the extra bowl over the whole cake to cover the cream.

Et voila! You made yourself a nice and tasty molehill! :)


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