The Aftermath.

This post should have been written one and a half years ago. Because that’s what I promised on February 29 2012 in Goals and Desires on this very blog.

© Jule Helmke

© Jule Helmke


What happened? Laziness, bad timing – simply life. For me it might have been for the better, because some goals took until recently for me to realize. And it might have been good to be able to build up some distance between myself and my goals to avoid being blinkered and miss out on new, even greater things that could replace old goals.

And what to do with the new gained wisdom? I will write a new letter to my future me, with new goals  and a new perspectives. But I will leave the old one in the same envelope. Maybe one thing that I find silly now might turn out to be important to me in some years. Who knows? When I will open the letter again thou, is undefined. It happens when it’s suppose to happen. Hopefully. Let’s hope I won’t lose it!



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