Oh Christmas Tree.

Christmas is only 20 days away and almost every house or window is already covered in fairy lights. But the center of all decoration will be the Christmas tree. And if you haven’t figured out yet if you are going to buy a real tree or stick to the plastic one, if you are going to use the silver ornaments or the golden ones and whether real candles are worth the hassle or not – well, I might have some inspiration for you!

For everyone who is staying in Stockholm at the moment: go and see the real exhibition at Hotel Birger Jarl.

#1 The pig feast

This tree was pretty gross, they took the theme seriously and hung sausages in it. Apparently the huge amount of food that everyone consumes during Christmas was this designers muse. Guten Appetit!

#2 The blooming tree

One of my favorites! If I were single and living alone, I would definitely decorate my tree like that :)

#3 Christmas leftovers

I wonder if this is an actual Christmas tree from last year..

#4 Rushed Christmas

This was a very pretty but at the same time a somehow depressing design. The idea behind this is a sort “slipping through my fingers” principle. Time goes fast, but I don’t want to start celebrating Christmas every other year!

#5 Dressed up

If I were a Christmas tree, this is what I would look like. And I hope that I will reincarnate as one :)

And what about you? If you were a Christmas tree, what would you look like?


One thought on “Oh Christmas Tree.

  1. Very nice to do an exhibition like this one! My favorites are #4 and #5 :)
    If I where a Xmas tree I would be one with snow – I miss snow!

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