Destination unknown?

A very valid question for my life in general. What the hell am I headed towards?? I might be getting closer to the answer – let’s hope! As you might have seen in the header, this blog has changed, and so has my life (how poetic!). “Found in Belgium” is my way to kick off 2014 as I have moved to Belgium with all my pots and pans to try out another side of Europe. And because of love. Of course. It’s always because of love!

And as a symbol of my arrival in this wonderful country, I have put together a gallery of the Central Station here in Antwerp – my very first pictures of this country!


So lets hope that I have found my final destination which I can call home from now on! And like always this blog will follow me around, documenting all the (more or less) interesting and new things that I might explore on the way. I hope I will see you around :)


4 thoughts on “Destination unknown?

  1. Yay you’re back!! :)
    Nice photos – the station looks huge!
    I wish you all the best in your new city, I’m looking forward to seeing more photos of Belgium – for sure really different of Sweden ;)

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