Graffiti heaven.

When I heard of urban exploring for the first time I didn’t even know it was a thing. But apparently there are tons of blogs and groups about this which list closed down factories, empty theaters and even hospitals. The majority might be in the States but I’m determent to find Europe’s gold mines of urban exploring. Starting with:

Doel – Belgium

© Jule Helmke

© Jule Helmke

The town Doel is located right next to a nuclear power plant and a part of Antwerp harbor, which will be enlarged in the near future. In order to be able to do so, Doel town and its habitants have to move. The development corporation has already bought a lot of houses and only a handful people of the former several hundreds are left, refusing to leave their home town

All of the empty buildings that haven’t been torn down yet are a playground to any graffiti or street artists. In the galleries below I will share my favorites.

Actual graffiti art.

Wall paintings.

Doel town.


8 thoughts on “Graffiti heaven.

  1. That’s very interesting! Nice pictures!
    It must be nice to take a model to a place like this and do a photoshoot with this background.
    How did you find the place? Is there a special way to find these abandoned places online?

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