By the way, I own a pet turtle.

I finally found myself a model that doesn’t complain or run away! But than again she is mute and the size of my hand. It’s my pet turtle Myrtle!

© Jule Helmke

© Jule Helmke

She is a greek tortoise and about three years old. I wanted to snap some last pictures of her before she starts hibernating again. I usually let her run around in the living room when I’m on my computer and it’s too cold outside but she was distracting me all the time, so I got my camera out. I can’t tell if she liked it or not, in the beginning she didn’t care but after a while she started to walk right into my lens. Modeling or attacking. Who knows? ;)

P.S.: No animals were harmed during these shots! She got a big plate of tomatoes afterwards.


3 thoughts on “By the way, I own a pet turtle.

  1. Nice shots and cute name :)
    Is that the kind of turtle that can grow quite a bit (like the size of a pillow)?
    I use to think turtles were boring until I saw a video called “Turtle and Dog Play With a Ball” – check it out on Youtube ;)

    • Haha that was hilarious!!! I almost wet myself. Best part is when she flies over the terrace after bitten him in the leg ;)

      Well they can become up to 80 years but I wonder if they will grow that big. I have another one in Germany which is much older and she still fits on my hands.

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