Warm or cold?

Fall has come and with it all it’s beautiful colors and weird weather. One day the sun is shining at 20°C and you are glad for not putting your summer wardrobe on the attic yet. But other days are grey, rainy and quite chilly, which makes you consider taking out your down jacket in October.  I’ve also experimented with temperature in todays pictures and even though I prefer taking a cold filter, I really like the warm ones too this time!

These pictures are also part of the monthly flower posts, even if they might be two days late. Again. *cough* Make sure you check out July and August and stay tuned for more flower power on this blog :)


3 thoughts on “Warm or cold?

  1. The temperature is always the first thing I decide when I edit photos :) Here I like the cold ones better!
    Have a great weekend *
    PS: I like your chairs

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